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Allison December 6, 2012 1

Yay, it’s my turn to tell you about all my healthy holiday faves! I had a lot of trouble capping my list at just eight. That’s because I not only included my fit picks from the past, I also slapped on a few items on my current wish list. The result: a roundup of health-minded gifts you’ll LUV. Drumroll please…

All I want for Christmas…
Joy, inner peace, infinite love, inspired action, pure energy and a quiet mind

A tall order, I know, but there is one gift that delivers all of the above: the Lotus Wei Mini Mist Collection. Created by Organic Alchemist Katie Hess, she hand collects flower essences worldwide to create these feel-good floral mists. They work through the body’s acupuncture meridians to reset your mood. Think of it as a spritz of positive plant energy. Bonus: Lotus Wei was created right here in Phoenix—and they’re travel-sized!

Lotus Wei Mini Mist Collection, $50

Tea with ’tude
I’m not a big fan of popping pills, but I am a big fan of drinking tea—especially green Rooibos which is packed with health-promoting antioxidants. So no surprise that I love Be Active Teas by The Republic of Tea, a collection of five green Rooibos-based teas (organic and caffeine-free!) geared toward the athlete in all of us. Take Get Active: the combo of holy basil, licorice, maca root and acerola berries help boost energy and stamina. Bonus: Teas come in a recyclable tin.

Be Active Teas 36 caffeine-free tea bags, $12

Blister-feet feet
Think of the Drymax Maximum Protection running sock as the Stephen Hawking of the sock world: A total genius! These smart socks, a far cry from the kind grandma used to stuff in your stocking, have Teflon-like fibers to reduce friction and major wicking power to keep feet dry. Bonus: They’re thick yet keep feet cool as a cucumber—a major bonus in the desert.

Drymax Maximum Protection, $25

Healthy winter skin
If I had one vanity wish it would be for flawless skin. No, I don’t have a genie in my pocket, but I do have One Love Organics’ omega 3-rich chia products: Chia Whip to cleanse off all the grime, Supercritical Chia Oil for uber moisturizing and Skin Savior, a waterless balm that works double duty as a cleanser and moisturizer. Bonus: Products are handmade, hand-filled and chemical-free —and how pretty is that packaging?

Healthy Winter Skin Holiday Gift Set, $129

Call me a tease, but you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow for the last 4 healthy gift suggestions.

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  1. Adriana December 10, 2012 at 3:47 am -

    To live happily in holiday one most important thing is required and that is fitness. To maintain fitness exercise is definitely required. For this some exercise related products are also required. You have nice collection of those products.

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