5 Fitness Favorites: Sarah Jones

Allison December 3, 2013 2

Sarah Jones, Nutrition Counselor for Mountainside Fitness Scottsdale & yoga instructor

Sarah Jones, Nutrition Counselor for Mountainside Fitness Scottsdale & yoga instructor

Not only is Sarah Jones a Nutrition Counselor for Mountainside Fitness Scottsdale, she’s a yoga instructor… and self-admitted yoga junkie. “Other than working out with some trainers at Mountainside, I always gravitate back towards yoga or a nice outside hike,” says Sarah. Here, the healthy foodie and yoga enthusiast shares all her local fitness favorites…

Favorite time to workout…
My favorite time to workout is in the morning – my energy level is better and it sets a nice tone for my day.

Favorite workout…
I’m a yoga instructor, but I don’t necessarily consider my personal yoga practice a workout; the physical benefits are just an added bonus! I tend to practice mostly at my home studio, Metta Yoga. But my other faves are Sutra Midtown, Urban Yoga and Dave’s Astanga Yoga… and I of course love the classes offered at Mountainside Fitness!

Favorite yoga instructor…
That’s a tough one because there are so many great yoga instructors in the Valley I admire. Lorilee Gillmore teaches my favorite Astanga style classes at Metta Yoga and has been a mentor to me over the years – she’s the real deal.

Favorite healthy restaurant…
I’m currently addicted to Chop Shop in Old Town Scottsdale. I’m a creature of habit and order the same thing every time: Gluten Free Chicken + Kale Wrap and the Green Glory pressed juice.

Favorite healthy snack…
I love “nosh” plates: whole grain crackers + goat cheese + dates + pistachios… and maybe a few green olives!


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    Sarah rocks!!!!

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    Great suggestions – love this, Sarah :)

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